What is serial dating

Surely we can all agree on one thing: Taylor Swift is a free woman.

She's 26, the face of a one-woman musical empire and rather stunning to boot.

But seemingly only a few weeks removed from the end of her approximately 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris, cue the excitement to figure out just him?!

) but because surely she felt bad—no matter who ended it, breakups can be rough on the dumper and the dumpee—and lo and behold, she met someone she liked enough to share a snuggle with.

They're not going to break up with you because you had a stupid fight over pizza toppings.

Someone who is always in an exclusive relationship knows that some mild fighting is part of a healthy relationship, and even if you 2.

So many people interviewed told stories of family and friends who flit from relationship to relationship.

These serial daters were more apt to cancel plans with friends to accommodate their spouses.

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Quality not quantity, is what I'm trying to say here.5.

And even when she was dating someone, she didn’t feel content. “I became extremely needy, weak, and dependent in relationships,” she explains. The frenetic high of a cocaine-like craving.” " data-reactid="22"Sometimes, she’d picture a life with someone before the second date. “It can be a quick hit of what someone is doing — by stalking Facebook or social media — or decoding texts, and thinking and fantasizing in an out-of-balance state about the relationship.” " data-reactid="25"Rather than reaping a reward through viewing porn or experiencing orgasm (like sex addicts), love addicts tend to be serially drawn to the attachment of courtship, the beginning of a new relationship, or even the challenge of getting a relationship going, explains Jenner Bishop, clinical director of Foundry Clinical Group in California, which treats sex and love addiction.

“I constantly longed for attention — and everything that I represented on the outside became a shell of nothing on the inside.”" data-reactid="21"But Hauer wasn’t just hoping that some day she’d meet Prince Charming and build a healthy, long-lasting relationship — she was completely consumed with the idea. The kitchen required a new coat of paint, and I had to call the landscaping guy. In her new book, Insatiable: A Memoir of Love Addiction, she writes of one such incident: “Immediately, I started reconfiguring my life around him. “Love addicts tend to be more addicted to people and relationships than specific sexual behavior,” she tells Yahoo Health.

Some see themselves as a fragment and the relationship as the whole. One can lose the sense of self in relationships which can be a comfort for those who do not want to face their flaws.

A way of not dealing with foibles is to limit time between relationships.


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