Top ten states for dating

In another US case, students were arrested after asking for money from an undercover cop during a threesome.’ The spokesperson continued: ‘Nevertheless, studies show that more and more people on university campuses are interested in experimenting with threesomes or joining the threesome lifestyle.’ New York pretty much sets the trend for life’s quirks, so it won’t surprise you to learn the state ranks head and toes above any other when it comes to threesomes.

It’s the data you weren’t ready for, but definitely want: The top ten states for threesomes have been announced. Make sure you factor this into your decision-making when filling out those university applications.The survey found that the worst to be single are Vermont, Washington, New Jersey and Massachusetts, so if you live in one of those states now and aren’t having much luck finding a significant other, you now know why.“It’s striking to see that massively dense cities across the United States have a lower percentage of singles,” said Joey Hadfield, spokesperson for Badoo.“Contrary to popular belief, these metropolitan areas aren’t necessarily an optimal place for dating success.They advise you all sitting down together like some erotic council meeting and laying out the ground rules and limits before engaging in anything naughty.Other golden rules include no drink or drugs, keeping your hands busy, and using different condoms for different partners. ‘University campuses, with strict rules put into place in order to protect both students and staff, can be difficult places to approach potential partners.


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