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As a member of The Moody Brothers, he earned two Grammy Award nominations in the '80s, and spent most of the '90s in Paris, France working for The Walt Disney Company...Drew Dusterhoff is most widely known for his performances in the independent film "The Educator" (2017) & "Combust" (2016).They have run away from sexually or physically abusive family situations or from the pressures and problems that are so common to all teens and adolescents.They have been lured away from their homes by false promises of new and exciting lives. What these children have found is a life that in no way reflects the glamour that Hollywood would want us to believe is the life of prostitution in such films such as “Pretty Woman” and “Showgirls”. Her father, from Burlington, New Jersey, has German, Irish, German-Jewish, and English ancestry...The son of a Korean National and a Mexican American, John was exposed to a lot of cultural diversity at a young age and loved it. Alex Kalognomos has worked in film, TV, and theater, and has held duties at both Arpa International Film Festival and Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.Then come to open gym and work on your basketball skills while improving your health and developing new friendships with others your age.

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We will be offering various card games to include spades, pinochle, and much more! 55 ; Fri.; 1 pm; Free Interested in learning more about the beautiful art of Henna! You must provide a photo identification card with your date of birth.Counseling services are offered by a Licensed Professional and are provided to any family member effected by the assault.Please contact the agency for more information and to schedule a counseling intake.Darryl Moore is a Fayetteville, NC native who holds a B. Anthony Brown of the popular "Tom Joyner Morning Show"...Dave Moody is a music artist, songwriter, producer and filmmaker with numerous industry awards and peer acknowledgments to his credit.He received 2008 Backstage West honors for his performance in William Saroyan's Hello Out There. in Education Personnel Administration from Tuskegee University.


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