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Tech is changing the societal rules of dating, love and everything in between.One main idea discussed was whether we are losing the social skills required to date in the real world and becoming too dependent on tech to find us dates and sex.River’s digital team recently attended a talk on all things tech, dating, love and relationships at Sink Shoreditch, organised by General Assembly.It’s no secret that technology has changed the way people meet, fall in love and interact, and after hearing from leaders in the sex and dating space about an ever-changing industry, and exciting things to come, we’re sharing our top five insights into the business of tech and sex.research has found that while young people aren’t willing to spend more than £14 for a subscription to a dating app, the elderly are happy to part with £2,500 upfront, no questions asked.In 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England and defeated the Saxon king Harold at the battle of Hastings.

Officials believe the Highways Agency must be commercialised to raise the billions of pounds, over and above its £4bn budget, needed to get Britain's most important roads up to scratch.

At the same time, their own relationship was clearly strained, perhaps the result of Yvonne's previous infidelities.

"Barry, don't be so common," was one of her frequent, frustrated asides.

Perry described their relationship as "strange and rather sad". (pilot 1980, series 1981-8) was typical of the ensemble comedies that came from the pens of Perry and Croft.

It also featured Simon Cadell as Jeffrey Fairbrother, the entertainments manager, Paul Shane as the host, Ted Bovis, Ruth Madoc as Gladys Pugh, the senior Yellowcoat and Radio Maplin announcer and Su Pollard as Peggy, the chalet maid.


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