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It was found that truncation of the C-terminal tail or substitution of tryptophan residue at 147 in the middle of the C-terminal tail affected the activity in the early stage of trans-translation. 2002), have been identified as tm RNA-binding proteins. An entire truncation of the C-terminal tail (1–132) led to an almost complete loss of promotion of the first step as shown in a previous study (Konno et al. We also prepared mutants 1–145 and 1–153, in which the C-terminal tail was partially truncated.Our investigations also revealed that the C-terminal tail is not required for the events until GTP is hydrolyzed by EF-Tu in complex with tm RNA-Smp B. Among these positively charged residues, K138 and R139 are of especially high conservation. (2005) have shown that introduction of alanine at any of these sites leads to a defect in tagging activity in vivo.An intraocular lens is disclosed with an optic that changes shape in response to forces exerted by the zonules of the eye.Other common allergens include wheat products, peanuts and eggs. 888888 "888 "88b888 "88b888P" "88bd88P" 888 888d88P" "88b 888888 888888 .d888888888 .d888888 888888 d88P888 888 888Y88b. Here we use an in vitro selection approach to isolate t RNA(Trp) miscoding variants that exhibit a globally perturbed t RNA tertiary structure.


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