Online puppy dating services jacoby shaddix dating

Thus the researchers predicted, for example, that women should be more sensitive than men to how their dates treat their own dogs and cats.

In the pool of participants, 60% were women and 40% were men; 72% were dog owners and 42% cat owners.He realized both pets and people could benefit from more robust browse and search functions if local shelters could supply a database of pet profiles.With his background co-founding the SNAP Interactive network of online dating ventures (The Grade and First Met), he knew he could make pet adoption more streamlined and fun.We mitigate a lot of our major interpersonal interactions online now – we talk to people on social media, go through dating sites like and Ok Cupid to find love, and more.However, there’s a new service on the horizon to bring the same principles of dating sites to dog ownership.If you’re ready to enter the dating scene, bring your canine along for the journey. Like a hound steadfastly tracking a scent, your determination will ultimately result in finding a significant other who considers you top dog in his or her world.


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