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Contact the nearest Embassy of Mongolia for the up-to-date information.

Born in north central Mongolia around 1162, Genghis Khan was originally named "Temujin" after a Tatar chieftain that his father, Yesukhei, had captured.With a big chunk of the population still clinging to a traditional existence, Mongolia is a country where you can still witness a relatively untouched way of life little changed over centuries.Here are ten interesting facts you might not have known about this incredible country.Young Temujin was a member of the Borjigin tribe and a descendant of Khabul Khan, who briefly united Mongols against the Jin (Chin) Dynasty of northern China in the early 1100s.According to the "Secret History of the Mongols" (a contemporary account of Mongol history), Temujin was born with a blood clot in his hand, a sign in Mongol folklore that he was destined to become a leader.The contact details of the responsible Swiss representation are shown on the corresponding page.


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