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Yesterday, the ABA's e-newsletter edition of the Indie Next List for October was delivered to nearly a quarter million of the country's best book customers.

In the last month, 36 independent bookstores have signed up to have the free e-newsletter sent to their customers, in addition to the 15 pilot stores.

A second commented: “Even the editing on #CBB seems dull...

Amelia in the diary room to say are you ok after Sarah bit her leg?

Something tells us Jamie isn’t going to be happy with Claudia’s loose lips!

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Woz did an interview with Dutch newspaper in which he said lots of ridiculous shit including his spaced-out projection that Android will eventually become the dominant mobile platform.

But all good things must come to an end, and so it was in February that E4 announced it had ordered a third and final series of three episodes.

It's fair to say that this didn't go down too well - only three episodes? '" But writer George Kay explained: "We knew it was three quite early, so we started to make it very much a three-part big final chapter."And let me be clear - not all of the cast members shared Comer's pessimism about fans' response to the ending.

Or I swear to friggin God, Katie will come over there and mince your nuts.

- )aka Kate Marsh, Katie Maxwell Katie Mac Alister is an American author with a passion for mystery, a fascination with alpha males, and a deep love of history.


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    Byxbe reveals he is transgender, to which his date replies, "that's amazing." Byxbe said he transitioned when he was 28 years old because he "never really presented female and I always got called 'sir,' even, you know, as a 10-year-old."No spoilers on how the date went, but Byxbe said he enjoyed the experience and wouldn't rule out appearing on another TV dating show, especially if De Generes does produce a series for vegan singles."Ohmigod, sign me up," he said.