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I spoke to respected expert in the nonverbal science of love and professor of the Udemy course, “Body Language of Love and Dating,” Vanessa Van Edwards, about what his hand-holding technique says about his feelings for like a pretty insignificant hand-hold, but Van Edwards explains it's actually a pretty nice gesture from your partner.

This kind of grip usually happens in a social situation where it would be weird for the two of you to be overly PDA all over the place, so this is his way of showing you, and the rest of the party, that he's got you.“In a social situation, in a way that's kind of a sweet gesture because it's saying, ‘I want people to see that we're holding hands.

To me, it seems that French guys are more direct without all the mind games.

Dating isn’t really a game at all and is straightforward and uncomplicated.

I don't need to have a super firm grip right now, but I do want to signal to people that you're mine,'” Van Edwards explains. Scientifically speaking, the more we touch each other, the more oxytocin we produce.

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However, it wasn’t until I broke the rules that I realized this type of situation can’t be so easily explained, or dismissed.

So here’s a handy guide on some of the things you need to know about dating a French guy.

If you’ve found a keeper, want to test the waters, or are just curious…

These rules dictate where, when, with whom and in what manner we flirt.

We generally obey these unofficial laws instinctively, without being conscious of doing so.


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