Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

Unfortunately, some pregnancies do not develop correctly (the percentage increases with maternal age).A miscarriage occurs when the body spontaneously terminates a pregnancy.The comprehensive review by the University of Aberdeen found that pregnancies were most successful if conceived within half a year of a miscarriage.

The experts agree that one miscarriage does not predict future ones.

“It is not clear why this is the case - one explanation might be that if somebody has had a miscarriage they might take particularly good care of themselves, be more motivated and may even be more fertile - but that is just speculation at this point.

” The meta-analysis is published in the Human Reproduction Update journal on Tuesday.

“Subsequently, more papers came out finding the same thing, which is why we did a comprehensive review of all available research.

“Contrary to WHO guidelines, recommending at least six months' wait after a miscarriage, our meta-analysis of all published studies on this subject to date shows definitively that less than six months is best.


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