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reactions Bts Reaction to you dropping your towel for attention Bts Reaction to you wanting them to be your first Bts Reaction to seeing your naturally curly hair for the first time Bts Reaction to you kissing a girl for a dare Bts Reaction to you asking them to come cuddle Bts Reaction to you borrowing their clothing Bts Reaction to being jealous Bts Reaction to you forgetting their B-day and surprising them with lingerie Bts Reaction to you doing aegyo Bts Reaction to you changing in front of an open window Bts Reaction to you having labor pains Bts Reaction to you asking for them to carry you during a hike Bts Reaction to you getting caught having shower sex (M) Bts Reaction to finding your tumblr and seeing you read smut (M) Bts Reaction to their foreign s/o wanting to go home for their birthday Bts Reaction to their s/o being pregnant and wanting to keep the baby Bts Reaction to you refusing sex (A) Bts Reaction to you calling them daddy on accident Bts Reaction to you being a good at singing but to shy Bts Reaction to you loving to hold their hand Bts Reaction to their s/o falling asleep while cuddling Bts Reaction to their crush holding on to them during a scary movie Bts Reaction to ‘fans’ attacking you Bts Reaction to shooting a commercial with you Bts Reaction to hearing you refer to yourself as Mrs…

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